born in 1978 as a twin. Got introduced to music by my father with Schwyzerörgeli

Later started to play guitar with band

Studied guitar with Patrick Schneider (Back to the Roots Blues Band)

Studied guitar at Jazz-Schule Luzern

Traveled to India .Got introcuded into the art of tabla playing by Subash Chaudri Gaur of Pushkar, a schoolfriend of Zakir Hussain.

Studied Tabla at for 3 Years with Peter Huber.

Since 20 Years playing Piano, Keyboards, Synsthesizers in several formations.



Homestudio experience over 10 years.



My Favourites: 


- Bill Evans 

- Herbie Hancock

- Oscar Peterson

- Ozric Tentacles

- Marcus Miller

… and many more … 



Currently i work  together with:


Christoph Huber

Martin Meyer

Adjei Sowah








- Logic Pro X

- selfmade Talkbox



Live Setup:


- Mainstage 3

- Novation Remote SL II 

- M-Audio Keystation 88 

- Motu Micro BookII 

- Pair of Tabla in the Key of C

  - big portion of funk and fun :)